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About Street FM

Welcome to Street FM, Australias original dance music radio station committed to the underground dance music culture since 1999.

Street FM radio is a LPON FM Underground Dance music broadcast network located in Surfers Paradise, broadcasting on 87.6 FM. With further rollout expansion throughout Australia in 2014; upgrading the FM radio broadcast and linking Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast stations to our studio in Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

The primary agenda of Street FM is to encourage creativity and to encourage aspiring talent through personal involvement. Street FM is a unique independent radio network for the People, and an integral part of the Australian underground non-commercial electronic dance music community.

In a world where the media is dominated by faceless multinationals, Street FM is committed to underground electronica non-mainstream dance music; and is very passionate about the global dance music culture.

Our listeners are of all ages and come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds from all around the world, they have diverse interests and are open to non-mainstream lifestyles. Street FM listeners do not follow mainstream media and generally think out side the square, our main average age demographic is ranged between 16 to 47 years old.

Street FM plays all genres of non-commercial electronica dance and underground music that is cutting edge, explores club & dance music festivals, partys, events, contemporary music sub-cultures and is well known & respected for supporting Australian and International DJ/Artists.

Word on the Street

"Street FM provides a vehicle for our youth to express their creative talents and voice opinions on important, relevant issues of today. These kids are our future, we can all learn something by opening more doors for communication." - Ian "Molly" Meldrum

"We all look for encouragement and validation for a job well done. It is great to see that creative youth now has a means to expose their ideas and creative energies." - Ryan Maloney aka "Toady from Neighbours"

Our Music & Program

Street FM programmes "yesterdays, todays & tommorows best dance and rhythmic music". By day, the station is in touch with listeners at work, school & play with a selection of the latest dance and old skool classic anthems tailor made as the soundtrack to their lifestyle.

At the weekends and after dark, the station slips underground with an upfront selection of the latest specialist dance styles mixed by and featuring the best DJs in Australia and the world.

Street FM is Australias first full time underground dance radio station, Show-casing all genres of electronic music from all corners of the world.

Whats New - 2014

Street FM live internet stream will be back on-line in the next few months. Keep checking back here for further updates, as we will continue to expand; add music, new shows & entertainment content.

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Studio Photos

Main Console Melbourne Studio

Main Console Melbourne Studio

Main Console Surfers Paradise Studio

Main Console Surfers Paradise Studio

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